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The Identification, Exploration and Discovery of Large Copper Deposits Located in a Region Responsible for 10% of the World's Copper Production: Arizona.


 A primary focus for Bell Copper is the ongoing exploration and development at the PERSEVERANCE Copper Porphyry Project near Kingman, AZ where we are pursuing the faulted-off top of a major porphyry copper system, the bottom of which is exposed in the foothills 9+ km west of the Company's property



On December 14, 2012, Dr. Timothy Marsh took over Bell Copper with a singular objective: drill Kabba. The Hurdles: no cash, Macquarie foreclosure imminent, finance market frozen, 179 million shares O/S, 3 lawsuits in progress, frustrated shareholders, angry creditors, no funding for ongoing operations.

January 2013 - Dr. Marsh approaches Macquarie Bank with a plan to drill Perseverance by selling La Balsa and repaying their debt.


For the next 5+ years he has passionately and with an unrelenting commitment, pursued that objective. Never wavering in spite of considerable obstacles and naysayers. That commitment has taken Bell Copper to a point where the Company feels we are poised for Discovery at the PERSEVERANCE Project.


  • 9+ million in debt to Macquarie Bank eliminated, 19 million shares returned to treasury through sale of La balsa project
  • Closed Van Dyke asset sale netting Company $500K           
  • Board reorganized, corporate services replaced                      
  • Share Capital consolidated 5:1                             
  • MAY- Start Drill Hole K-11                                        
  • Cut approx. 900 meters of altered & mineralized porphyry interpreted to be pyritic shell                                             
  • Intercepted 14 meters of supergene chalcocite blanket                                 
  • Short interval near 1185 meters depth characterized by bornite-digenite copper  minerals, closely associated with pyrite    


  • APRIL - Rio Tinto takes option at Kabba                                                   
  • MAY- Drill Hole K-12 Started                                  
  • Key geological features include: disseminated chalcopyrite, molybdenite, strong sericitic alteration, hydrothermal breccia intervals                                      
  • Results suggest that K-12 was drilled on the flank of a porphyry copper system
  • SEPTEMBER - Rio Tinto holds first townhall in Kingman, AZ                                             
  • NOVEMBER - First comprehensive geophysics program  on the project


  • JANUARY - Geophysics analysis results in property expansion of 55% (4000 acres)                                        
  • MARCH- Rio Tinto holds second townhall in Kingman, AZ                                            
  • JULY - Initial 2017  drill program targeting IP highs                                     
  • SEPTEMBER- Allocated budget completes 5 holes                                    
  • All holes intercepted oxidized and leached capping in Laramide-age porphyritic intrusive rocks, several showing limited concentrations of chalcocite & chalcopyrite                                             
  • Drilling confirms the scale of the target is very large                                              
  •  DECEMBER - Rio returns to test  northerly extent of IP anomaly  with holes K-18, 19


  • FEBRUARY -  K-18  K-19 display disseminated pyrite and D-veinlets in Laramide porphyry and Precambrian granite beneath 40 to 150 meters of strongly hematitic leached capping                                   
  • Anomalous disseminated sphalerite (zinc sulphide) was present in both holes beneath leached capping                        
  • MARCH - Bell regains 100% of Kabba Project. Rio returns all interest earned                                      
  • Mobilization for drilling beginning in April                         
  • AUGUST - Cordoba minerals takes option. Cordoba is 72% owned by High Power Exploration (“HPX”), a private company led by Co-Chairman and CEO Robert Friedland)
  • SEPTEMBER - Core drilling of K-20 begins


  • JANUARY - K-20  encountered the best mineralization to date indicating proximity to the targeted 2 km by 3 km Laramide porphyry buried beneath 200m to 400m of basin fill                                           
  • Appearance of potassic alteration with more frequent veins and quartz stringers suggests K-20 has approached the higher temperature region of the porphyry system
  • Chalcopyrite, bornite and chalcocite in drill core suggest potential for a hypogene enrichment zone 
  • FEBRUARY- Re-commenced drilling on K-20 and related field operations


Dr. Timothy Marsh, Ph.D.  P.Eng.  President, CEO & Director

Dr. Marsh has a 30+ year career in mine geology and exploration, with a focus on porphyry copper deposits. Experience includes former Chief Geologist of Resolution Copper Company (a Rio Tinto Company) where he helped to drill the first 20 deep holes into what is now America's largest copper deposit, Geologist for Kennecott Minerals Company on the Cortez Joint Venture in Nevada and AMT International (Manager of Exploration and Geology). A true explorationist whose favorite place is in the field. Along the way he has earned a B.Sc. Geological Engineering from Colorado School of Mines, and a Doctorate of Philosophy in "Ore Deposits and Exploration" from Stanford University.

W. Glen Zinn - Director

Mr Zinn has +45 years of mining industry experience in senior executive positions including; Former VP Corporate Development, Hecla Mining Company, Former Chief Geophysicist for Union Oil/Molycorp & was the former Chairman, CEO, and President of Bell Copper Corporation. He also was a Member of the National Strategic Materials and Minerals Program Advisory Committee under Ronald Reagan. Mr Zinn has received Postgraduate certificates from MIT, Stanford, and Northwestern University, BS Michigan College of Mining & Technology – Geol. Eng. + Geophysics.

Mario Stifano – Director

Mario Stifano is a seasoned mining executive and Chartered Professional Accountant with over 16 years of experience working with exploration, development and producing mining companies. Mr. Stifano is currently the Chief Executive Officer of AmAuCu as well as the Executive Chairman of Dore Copper. Mr. Stifano has held a number of senior executive positions including Chief Executive Officer of Cordoba Minerals Corp., Executive Chairman with Mega Precious Metals Inc., Vice President and Chief Financial Officer with Lake Shore Gold Corp Inc., and Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Ivernia Inc. Mr. Stifano has been instrumental in raising over $700 million to explore and fund mining projects, including raising over $500 million at Lake Shore Gold Corp Inc., to develop three gold mines which are currently producing over 180,000 ounces of gold annually, and are now part of the Canadian assets within Tahoe Resources Inc.

Annie Storey, CA, BBA - CFO

Over 25 year career in accounting, auditing, financial reporting and corporate services for Canadian and US public and private companies operating around the world in mining, oil and gas, technology, entertainment, manufacturing, real estate and biotechnology. Proficiency in IFRS, US GAAP, and ASPE accounting standards.

Jonathan Godbe – Director

Every Godbe generation has been represented in the mining industry since the 1870’s. Jonathan Godbe started in the drilling industry at the age of 16, working in the field as a driller’s helper with one of the largest drilling supply companies in the business. He worked his way up to become one of the top producing Outside Drilling Sales Representatives for the Company. For the last 15 years. Jonathan has worked along side John Sr. at Godbe Drilling and is the VP of Operations.



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