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Bell Copper began exploring the Big Sandy area in 2009, after geologic success in discovering what was believed to be the faulted top of the Wheeler Wash porphyry copper-molybdenum system, 30 kilometers to the north at the Company’s Perseverance project. 


Extrapolation southward along the controlling Hualapai Fault suggested that the known Laramide-age Diamond Joe porphyry copper system would also have a faulted-off top, lying east of Diamond Joe out in the Big Sandy Valley.   No copper occurrences had been previously reported in any government databases from the area, but upon field investigation by the Company, several surficial occurrences were discovered.  The Company believed that the unusual copper occurrences were linked to a covered porphyry copper deposit. 


Nearby porphyry systems in the same Laramide belt include Bagdad 50 kilometers to the southeast, Mineral Park 65 kilometers to the northwest, and the Company’s Perseverance JV with Cordoba Minerals, 30 kilometers to the north.

Tim Marsh talks BIG SANDY
Recent presentation to Arizona Geological Society Sept 6 2022

Historic Big Sandy Drill News

Shots from BIG SANDY 

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