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Bell Copper Provides Big Sandy Update

November 9, 2021


Bell Copper Corporation

Bell Copper Provides Big Sandy Update

VANCOUVER, B.C. - Bell Copper Corporation(TSX.V: BCU) (OTCQB: BCUFF) (“Bell Copper” or the “Company”) is providing an update on the diamond drilling program at the 100% owned Big Sandy porphyry copper project, located in northwestern Arizona, approximately 30 kilometers from the Company's Perseverance Project.

Drill Program

The Company’s initial drill plan at Big Sandy was targeted at locating the truncated top of the Diamond Joe porphyry system which Bell Copper believed had been transported approximately 12 -15 km ESE on to the Big Sandy Claim block. Based on the potential size of the target, 4 drill sites were permitted with approximately 1.6 km spacing between drill sites. Inaugural drilling on the Big Sandy project began in November 2020.

Drillhole BS-1

In January of 2021, Bell reported that Drillhole BS-1 drilled into a new porphyry copper system (see news release January 11 2021) at its Big Sandy project. BS-1 penetrated a porphyry copper system near the inner edge of the propylitic, or “greenrocks”, environment. Minerals observed in core include gossan veins (goethite, hematite, and jarosite), native copper, chalcocite, covellite, sphalerite, galena, disseminated pyrite, chalcopyrite and quartz-molybdenite veinlets.

Recent U/pb dating by Paul O’Donnell at the University of Idaho demonstrated that BS-1 and Diamond Joe zircons yield overlapping (i.e. statistically indistinguishable) ages of 74.2±1.0 and 74.9±1.2 million years, in samples 13.2 kilometers apart. Natural zircon contamination in both samples showed the same clusters of Precambrian ages (1.4 billion years and 1.6 billion years). This supports that both porphyries were injected up through and contaminated by the same old wallrock.

Drillhole BS-2

Drillhole BS-2 was located approximately 1.7 km south of drillhole BS-1. The hole was completed to 1332 meters, cutting scattered propylitic alteration and pyrite-chalcopyrite veinlets below 790 meters of gravel and basalt. Styles of copper mineralization seen in the BS-2 core included exotic chrysocolla, neotocite and native copper, filling interstitial spaces between grains in the post-mineral gravel, neotocite coatings along slip planes in fault gouge, chrysocolla in transported cobbles in the gravel and a thin (10 centimeter) roll-front deposit in permeable sandstone carrying fine-grained chalcocite along with unidentified molybdenum and uranium minerals. None of this mineralization is of economic significance, though it supports the Company’s concept of copper-mineralized bedrock in the vicinity. Drillhole BS-2 is interpreted to be on the northeastern edge of the system.

Drillhole BS-3

Based on the previous drill holes and surface exploration, Drillhole BS-3 is situated approximately 1.2 km west of drillhole BS-1. Drilling is ongoing at BS-3, with the hole advancing toward the heart of the MT conductor identified in the Magneto-telluric survey performed at the Big Sandy project (see news release October 6, 2020)

Qualified Person

The technical content of this release has been reviewed and approved by Timothy Marsh, PhD, PEng., the Company’s CEO and President and a ‘Qualified Person’ as defined under Canadian National Instrument 43-101.

About Bell Copper

Bell Copper is a mineral exploration company focused on the identification, exploration and discovery of large copper deposits located in Arizona. Bell Copper is exploring its 100% owned Big Sandy Porphyry Copper Project and the Perseverance Porphyry Copper Project which is under a Joint Venture - Earn In.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of

Bell Copper Corporation

"Timothy Marsh"

Timothy Marsh, President, CEO & Director

For further information please contact the Company

Tel: 1 800 418 8250

Neither the TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.


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