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News Release

Bell Copper Corporation - TSX.V Symbol: BCU


VANCOUVER, B.C. - Bell Copper Corporation (“Bell Copper” or the “Company”) (TSX-V: BCU) reports that 2018 core drilling has begun on the Perseverance Porphyry Copper project (formally known as Kabba) located in Mohave County, Arizona. The Company is also pleased to provide further corporate and project updates.


  • Core drilling underway at K-20

  • Cuttings from the bottom of K-20 precollar reveal abundant fluorite suggesting proximity to a porphyry intrusion

  • Visible gold also identified in four gold grains along with composite grains of native silver and copper

  • Water well testing on K-20 drill location shows +3.5 times the levels of Cu, Mo, and sulfate of 14 previously tested water wells at the Project

Project Name Change

Bell also reports that it has elected to change the project name of the “Kabba” Porphyry Copper project. Moving forward the project will be called the “Perseverance” Porphyry Copper project.

Perseverance Project Update

The Company started core drilling at the Perseverance Copper porphyry project near Kingman Arizona on September 19, 2018.

During the last week of June 2018, the Company completed pre-collar drilling and casing to a depth of 1000 ft. at the K-20 drill site. Bedrock was encountered at a depth of 850 ft., followed by 150 ft. of strongly hematitic leached capping that remains open at depth.

Subsequent sampling and panning of the cuttings from the bottom of the K-20 pre-collar revealed what the Company interprets to be further proximal indicators to a copper shell. The presence of abundant fluorite suggests proximity to a porphyry intrusion. Visible gold was also identified in four gold grains along with composite grains of native silver and copper (see images at The gold was positively identified using a Niton X-ray fluorescence analyzer, which showed characteristic gold X-ray emissions at 9.72 and 11.42 keV.

At the Perseverance project, 14 water wells have previously been tested for dissolved heavy metals and other compounds commonly associated with metallic deposits. Several of these wells show elevated levels of copper, molybdenum, sulphate, and fluoride. Recent testing of the water well near K-20 shows levels several times higher than any of the previously tested wells.

“The two drill programs in 2017, along with 2018 field work and further data analysis and has gone a long way toward supporting the Ovoid Target inside the copper shell. With an impressive halo of pyrite, zinc and lead and supergene copper bleeding out into three nearby drillholes, we are very excited to be back core drilling” - Dr. Tim Marsh, Bell Copper President & CEO

About Bell Copper

Bell Copper is a mineral exploration company focused on the identification, exploration and discovery of large copper deposits located in a region responsible for 10% of the world's copper production: Arizona.

Perseverance Porphyry Copper Project

A primary focus for Bell Copper is the ongoing exploration and development at the Perseverance Porphyry Copper Project near Kingman, AZ, where we are pursuing the faulted-off top of a major porphyry copper system, the bottom of which is exposed in the foothills 8+ km west of the Company's property.

Qualified Person

The technical content of this release has been reviewed and approved by Timothy Marsh, PhD, PEng., the Company’s CEO and President. No mineral resource has yet been identified on the Perseverance Project. There is no certainty that the present exploration effort will result in the identification of a mineral resource or that any mineral resource that might be discovered will prove to be economically recoverable.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of

Bell Copper Corporation

"Timothy Marsh"

Timothy Marsh, President, CEO & Director

For further information please contact the Company

Tel: 1 800 418 8250

Neither the TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.

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